Money and bank:

Two official currencies in Cambodia:
- The Riel, start from 100, to 20,000 riels. This currency serves only to settle an amount less than $ 1 USD.
- The US dollar will serve to regulate anything that costs from $ 1 USD. Dirty or torn notes are rejected.
For 1 us$ you will get between 4000 and 4300 riel according to the exchange rate.
Credit cards are accepted in some shops, in banks. ATM are numerous and deliver all USD note. We recommend bringing cash (dollars or euros)
Exhange euro / usd: We have the best advice for our customers, ask us and we will reply by email.


Climate and Jet Lag:

CAMBODIA & South Vietnam:

A tropical country, Cambodia is sunny almost all year. There are two distinct seasons, the dry and the monsoon. The monsoon lasts from May to October with southwest winds pushing the clouds that bring seventy-five to eighty percent of the annual rain. The dry season runs from November to April with temperatures of 27-40 degrees Celsius. The mild temperatures are from October to March.
In July, August monsoon is not as exists in further north countries. 1 to 2 hours rain per day, in general rather the evening and not every day. The rains bring freshness which is making temperatures quite pleasant 25-33 °C. No cyclone in Cambodia.

NORTH VIETNAM (Hanoi, Ha Long, Hoa Lu, Mai Chau, Sapa, Cao Bang):

4 distinct seasons:

From December to February is winter and temperatures vary between 10 ° C and 15 ° C: high humidity, sky is rather grey.
The months of March, April and May correspond to the first summer: 25-35 ° C, high humidity, rain often with a heat haze.
The months of June, July, August is the beautiful warm season: 28-40 ° C, high humidity, rain often with a heat haze, heavy rains are possible in the evening or at night (1 to 2 hours).
The months of September, October, November and the first half of December correspond to the second summer; it is a real Indian summer: 20-30 ° C, low humidity, sunny skies. This is the best season to visit the north of Vietnam.
Time difference: 6 hours in winter and +5 hours in summer.
Example: in winter, 24:00 in Paris ---> 6 p.m. in Cambodia.
In summer 24:00 in Paris ---> 5 p.m. in Cambodia.

Weather in Phnom Penh today (satellite and yahoo)

Holiday Cambodia - Cambodia Travel


It is not very easy to communicate with people, taxis, bikes or moto-taxis except with those who work in tourism. Very few people outside the cities’population speak another language (or maybe Thai or Chinese). The French has almost completely disappeared, except among a few elderly people who survived the Pol Pot regime, or else in tourist guides. There are in Siem Reap, 800 English speaking and 75 French-speaking guides.


The Cambodian language, Khmer, is part of the Mon-Khmer family and has its origins in the Sanskrit and Pali. We talk about this all over the country except in some tribal areas where local indigenous languages are used. In larger cities, English is spoken by a growing number of educated people. Older people speak French and everywhere people speak Chinese and Vietnamese, because of proximity, business and tourism.


We can practically everywhere call abroad at low price, the phone-Internet system. In large cities, there are many internet cafes and shops. Avoid using your cell phone, calls are expensive (count for a minute) Fortrip in Cambodia superiors to 10 days Otherwise-Cambodia lend you a phone with 20 Mm internationally.

Religions :

The majority of Cambodians are Buddhists of Thervada discipline and school Hinayana Buddhism that appeared in Cambodia between the 13th and 14th century and became the state religion until 1975. A minority is Muslim, the Chams.

Clothing and Luggage:

Bring summer clothes in cotton, a rain jacket, sweater for air-conditioned hotel, walking shoes and a hat and sunglasses, a photo camera or (and) a video camera for not have regrets later because there are many wonderful things that can surprise you.

sleep eat: Food

You will find in Cambodia, excellent and varied foodwhether large or small restaurants in Phnom Penh (Near the Central Market) and Siem Reap (central market). The price per meal varies from $ 2 in small restaurants, five to seven dollars in average restaurant, 15 dollars or more in the higher category hotels. Drinks are not included in the price. Beer (1 to 2 dollars) is good and there are French wines in many restaurants or shops,similarly for alcohol. Eating meat (pork, beef) with fried vegetables, or pasta or rice, and fish in all its forms and many varied soups, this is fragrant and slightly spicy (not like in Thailand). Tap water in Cambodia is totally not recommended for drinking. Drink mineral water or bottled beverage Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi, Coke or tea (Tia) very light that one offers some restaurants and was boiled several times.

Average price of a meal (usually): 3 to 5 US dollars
Price of a restaurant meal: between 5 and 10 US dollars
Price of a meal at the luxury restaurant with more than 15 US dollars
Price of a hotel room night between 25 and 35 US dollars fan or air conditioner
Price of a night of luxury hotel room with more than 60 US dollars
Restaurant speaking French in Siem Reap:
Le Barrio (Patrick Colemphier) 7, Sivutha St. (063.963.397).
Chez Sophea (Mathieu Ravaux), in front of Angkor Wat (012.950.301).
Angkor Café, in front of Angkor wat. Restaurant of Jean-Pierre Martial, founder of the Building Schools and Silk Village.
A complete list will be given upon arrival.

Events and festivals:

Cambodia has a wealth of traditional and international festivals. Most of these are a time of great rejoicing for the predominantly rural population, who flock to the capital to join the celebrations and witness the organized fireworks displays which accompany the festivals. All traditional festivals are under the influence of Buddhism, Hinduism and royal cultures
The most important celebrations during the year.
The January 7 a national day, one of recent festivals, this day marks the end of the Khmer Rouge regime.
January or February Chinese New Year: because of the many people of Chinese descent who run many businesses in Cambodia; and also Vietnamese immigrant communities, the Chinese New Year is widely celebrated, especially in Phnom Penh.
March 8 International Women's Day
Mid-April Khmer New Year
May Day King ploughing
May 1st International Workers Day
May 9, Day of Genocide
September Pchum Ben
October 31 The King Sihanouk's Birthday Celebration
October or November Water Festival check: Water Festival We can make you get tickets to the Royal tribune !!
November 9 Independence Day
November or December Angkor Festival: This festival is a showcase of arts. Performers from all over Asia are following this festival performing great epic stories of myths and legends, including the Ramayana, with their own national dance costumes and musical and rhythmic interpretations.
December 10 International Human Rights Day
And also: Day of the anniversary of the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha called VesakBucha, CholVassa, theBuddhist.


Electricity: 220 volts variable outlet, no adapter required.
For purchases: the markets are full of treasures, embroidered fabrics, silk, silver, straw, semi-precious stones, objects carved in stone or wood, paint ...
Remember to develop all your memories of pictures out there, the price is much cheaper compared to that in France or Europe (the difference can be 10).

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A little history before your holidays in Cambodia:

Ravaged by the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia is gradually recovering from a newly invigorated optimism. Tourism is an essential element in its struggle for stability; with the rich heritage of an empire that covered the parts once the current Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, Cambodia offers a dazzling array to offer for your holiday in Cambodia.
The magnificent Angkor temples in Siem Reap, a charming town itself, one of many treasures of this Khmer kingdom. Explore the least known temples crowd-free tangled with roots and barely distinguishable from the encroaching jungle on our Small Group Trips. Cambodia's coast is also relatively least known: Enjoy delicious seafood in a rustic surrounds the Kep resort; relax on the white sandy beaches of Sihanoukville; discover Kampot picturesque sites. Adventure in small regions of north-eastern Cambodia, and somedaysinthe art emerging capital of Battambang.

Empire Temple and charismatic of Phnom Penh capital

Besides Borobudur in Indonesia and Bagan in Myanmar, Angkor Archaeological Park is one of the most important sites and breath-taking in Southeast Asia. The bustling town of Siem Reap is the access point to the park and is home to great restaurants and, with the capital, some of the best hotels in Cambodia. The extent and maintenance of the park is amazing, and catch the sunrise or sunset next to the impressive Angkor Wat will create a memory you will not forget easily.
A natural starting point for most holidays Cambodia in the form of Phnom Penh - a rejuvenated city that contains many sites of historic interest and gives a good insight into Cambodian ideals. A mixture of French and local influences can be found integrated into the architecture, monuments and kitchen, while the recent and important history can be explored at the Killing Fields and Genocide Museum.
If you need some sun and sand to remove the sluggish nature of the Khmer Rouge of your mind, to the south of the seaside resort of Sihanoukville or escape from the island of KohRong - both boasting strips of fine sand and clear waters, providing the perfect beach break element of your holiday in Cambodia.

Courageous Cambodia

Despite a turbulent history, Cambodia has become a destination of holidays, houses one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world, charming and casual river towns and beautiful beaches. Embarking on holiday in Cambodia you will join the recent tourism boom as holidaymakers flock adventurous to discover the remarkable Angkor temples, enjoy traditional cuisine in the Phnom Penh capital and enjoy the sun and clear blue water around Sihanoukville.
There are countless things to do in this diverse country, constantly switching towns and charming villages and peaceful, with bustling cities and cutting-edge, fromtemple fortress to islands, filled with sand - loved by hikers and frequented by groups tourist; Holiday in Cambodia quickly become characteristic of many traveller’s wish list.

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