Our humanitarian works


We act for fair tourism and sustainable development. We charge a percentage of our profit every year to fund our social and humanitarian works; this represents about $ 6 US per customer. These two associations are located not far from our office on the N1 road to Phnom Penh.
Dear customer you therefore participate indirectly in the future of Cambodia's children and especially Happy Chandara and Ptea Clara children, allowing through education to offer them a better future. We thank you on behalf of children and for the trust you made for us.


Toutes à l'école

From one family to another


Phum Prek, Thmey, Khan Meanchey - Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Less than a third of school children worldwide are girls. Given this situation, journalist Tina Kieffer founded the association in 2005 Toutes à l’école. Its mission: to provide a high-level education to small poorest girls in order to lead them to get a job and to bring them to the freedom and dignity.


"Because women are responsible for the education of their children, it is essential to give them access to education. They consequently transmit to future generations the values of peace, openness and tolerance, only way to fight against barbarism and obscurantism that cause suffering for millions of women and children worldwide. "
Toutes à l’école chose Cambodia to build its first school in 2006, Happy Chandara. "This first pilot school will impression to others, so that many graduated femalesafterward develop the economic and political fabric of the country.


From one family to another association
Ptea Clara (non-profitlaw 1901)


Ptea Clara * is a home in Cambodia opened for fifty children; entrusted by or abandoned prostitutes mothers or great social distress in parents and which are not supported by local institutions.


So Ptea Clara offers them shelter, food, education and also medical care. The smaller kids benefit from nannies with their emotional development.
The support of these children involves daily operating costs that we could take without your generosity.
Our short and medium term projects already induce the call for new financial resources. We thank you in advance for your donations that fully fund humanitarian actions within Ptea Clara

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