1200m extraordinary bas-reliefs

The Bayon in Angkor Cambodia: a mountain temple, a forest of 200 gigantic faces in the mysterious glances looking in all directions, enigmatic smiles, beings from another world, in their smiling serenity. The Bayon has 3 floors and 43 meters high, has long remained an enigma. Built in the 12th century by Jayavarman VII, the Bayon lower floors are a pantheon dedicated to the gods of Khmers at the beginning of its construction in a time of transition between Hinduism and Buddhism, and the top floor is dedicated to Buddha. Fabulous bas- reliefs of 1200m along the Bayon, representing more than 11000 persons was sculptured, very long frescoes telling the fights and naval battles between the Khmer and the Cham, as well as daily life.

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