PREAH KHAN, Angkor temple

(Sacred sword of the king)

The Preah Khan temple at Angkor in Cambodia was actually a real city of more than 50 ha. Despite the vandalism and looting there is still some stunning sculptures. The city was home to 10,000 people, 1,000 dancers and a great school of Sanskrit. Originally it was a Buddhist monastery with Buddha images were destroyed by the Brahmins (Hindu priests) and replaced by representations of Hindus, (only one Buddha remained). To reach the center of Preah Khan, a row of galleries and doors which become more and more low has measure that one approaches the center (to show his respect). In the center, a large Buddhist Stupa stone which was reported in the fifteenth century. There are small holes in the walls in the center of the building. Originally, in every hole was encased in gold and diamonds, We says that all of this was taken and resold by the Khmer Rouge. Magnificent sculptures of gods churning the sea of milk, as well as Vishnu and Lakshmi (wife), and the 3 layers of Lingams (sex of the Gods) represent: round base for Shiva, square for Brahma and octagonal for Vishnu. We findthe similarity to Ta Phrom, luxuriant vegetation which resumed its rights.

PREAH KHAN, the Preah Khan, Angkor temple in Cambodia

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