Ta Phrom and Ta Prohm, Angkor in Cambodia, one of the most romantic temples of Angkor or nature has taken its rights and dislocated the work of men. A magical place which was built around 1186, this Buddhist monastery was the most gigantic of Angkor. Conservation of Angkor saved the main monuments, but did not "cleaned" Ta Phrom of all trees and roots which had invaded and left its rights to the jungle, such as the first discoverers found. The roots of the tree look like the snakes which disrupt and waste statues and walls, and huge trees beat the heads of stupas. A forest that will not let escape its gods and which destroys them or protects them.... A place loaded with emotion and poetry for meditation. A magical temple at sunset. 12,000 people lived within the walls of Ta Phrom, the "Monastery of the King" 8 centuries ago, and its construction was completed in the early thirteenth century.

TA PROHM also TA PHROM, the most romantic Angkor site

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