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voyage_AutrementCambodia ... What a power in this single word! Such images, emotions, mysteries that overwhelm us with its simple evocation...
For many, Cambodia is a tourism "destination" in its own right: unspoilt countryside, millennium history, friendly people, and variety of sites... Not for our travel agency in Asia. Not only for us, it is not a destination, it is a country, our country. It is this commitment that we propose to share with a discovery in depth and in privacy. For our receptive agency in Cambodia, it is also for you, ensuring a unique off-the-beaten-track experiencewhich favours close contact with the population, the original sites, exchanges...
This proximity organization also allows us to vary our services according to your own sensibility. Also, and you dread the heart strokes, we say see you (very) soon. Bring with you, your love of travel, you will leave with a bit of our love of Cambodia.

Visal & Sok, artisans of your tour in Cambodia since 1998.

The team in charge O.C




As we said at Club Med, the village chief.The manager of G.O.
Here, it is simply the director of the agency.
Double nationality



The Friend of the village chief, his assistant... No, say his collaborator.



She is responsible for our accounting and also booking service.



GM Specialized in Spanish, Italian
and English.



Manager of 'Tours consultant' French and English.


La suite de nos équipes de guides et de conseillés voyages

Le_Voyage au Cambodge 1Borin Chhay

Le_Voyage au Cambodge 2Chamroeun

Le_Voyage au Cambodge.3Chhun Kong

Le_Voyage au Cambodge 4Hai

Le_Voyage au Cambodge 5Kanal

Le_Voyage au CambodgeKanitha

Les guidesKhila

Les guidesKhila 2

Les guidesKosal Seng

Les guidesKunthea

Les guides.1Lach Le

Les guides.2Lady

Les guides.5Leakhena

Les guides.3Lyvorn

Les guides.9Mon Monn

Les guides..2Moniroth

Les guides..1Nham

Les guides..22Nutleak.

Les guides..01Pheaktra

Les guides14Piseth Rotha

Les guides.2Piseth Chin

Les guides01Piseth Mey

Les guides.21Rithypo

Les guides.32Sameth Mit

Les guides02Samnang

Les guides21Sarem Ros

Les conducteursSatia-Co

Les conducteurs.2Savorn Niem p>

Les conducteurs12Sela Mony

Les conducteurs 2Sochenda

Les conducteurs32Sarem Ros

Les conducteurs 2Sokhem

Les conducteurs .2Sonavuth

Les conducteurs .12Sopheary Bo

Les conducteurs 21Teav Srey

Lors d'un repas avec les guides :

Lunch time with the tour guides:





Une tabledivers/personel

Sok and Pricess Siengdyimages_divers/personel

A butterflyGroupe_agence_le_voyage_autrement_papillon

OTHERWISE-CAMBODIA, Your specialist for Southeast Asia

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You can call us during work hours (+5 hours GMT): Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 pm and from 14:00 to 17:00; Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 (hours in Asia). From Europe, thank you to call in the morning before 13:00 (5 to 6 hours of jet lag) On our French mobile in Asia, making a callin France: +33 6 82 24 63 14 On our mobile in Asia, from theinternational phone call: dial +855 (0) 93 960 130. We can call you if you want on the day of your choice.


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