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The classic Cambodia travel off the beaten track and with the possibility of sleeping in a suite room of our friends houses the headquarters of our agency, an exceptional site, see the section hotels. No mark-up whatever the hotel category chosen!

Our concept of Western-Khmer family agency, aims to bring you close and direct contact with the people, our friends, our family. Our specially trained drivers and guides will be happy to share a moment of the life of their family if you pass near there.
In Phnom Penh you will take a typical lunch on the banks of the Mekong (place that we keep secret) With our agency imposed no restaurants. On arrival we offer you a selection of the best restaurants ranked by price, restaurant reservations can be made on site through our agency or your guide.

A little something that does not look like much: With our agency, you do not have to give a tip in hotels! This is our guide who is responsible for giving suitcase holders, so you will not have the desire to ask the question "how much..."

Un petit plus qui n'a l'air de rien : Avec notre agence, vous n'avez pas de pourboire à donner dans les hôtels ! C'est notre guide qui se charge de donner aux porteurs de valise, ainsi vous n'aurez pas le souci de vous poser la question "combien..."

On arrival a bunch of small gifts:

  • The DVD of the show 'Echappées Belles' already aired repeatedly on FR5. This is our agency that was chosen by the production to organize visits and care cast. You will find some or all of your circuit.

    A plastic map with your tour of Cambodia. On the back of this card also plans major cities and the site of Angkor.

    A list including the best typical restaurants of Cambodia classified according to the price.

    A file of several pages with your steps with visiting places not extras on your circuit, also other typical restaurants not to be missed. We do not give this information on the web in order to avoid plagiarism of other agencies (see cons)

    In Phnom Penh: The local newspaper 'Les Echos Cambodia' comprising among other useful addresses and a page specially dedicated to our agency.

In our tours off the beaten track 'A la carte' or 'Tailor made' you have high risk:

DeTo learn everything, breeding crocodiles, belonging to our family, from the lips of our niece in a good mood, to Siem Reap borders ... A crocodile farm not as proposed by other agencies. Here opportunity to crocodiles in the arms.
To observe the daily reality of Phnom Penh people, enjoying a freshly picked bananas at our cousin pharmacist or enjoying the famous icy Angkor beer along with our uncle Ponlork ...
In Siem Reap to gather interesting information on economic development around the site of Angkor and its problems during a meeting with a member of our family in the province of Siem Reap
. Reap.

You get drawn to discover the unsung coral reefs Ream in the wake of our nephew who is stationed military emeritus diver who will be happy to pick you up giant molds that soon will be out of the water immediately grilled beach in Sihanoukville ... In the boat of our agency for you: masks, snorkels, fishing equipment...

Poissons_chat_dans_riziere. Poissons_chat_dans_riziere.

In the country to follow a path that winds through the shimmering rice fields to greet a grandfather talking a little bit your language and will always be a joy for our visite....

At the Vietnam border to understand the organization of rural life, where we will be received in the mother of Kunthea who lovingly takes care of its old mango trees and fish farming ...
To participate in a marriage it is celebrated during your visit to Cambodia. We will be happy to involve you and you will be welcome at the ceremony and the evening meal.


Courses_pirogue_fete_des_eaux_a_Phnom-Penh A good example of what we can do off the beaten path that other agencies will not be able to offer: At the Water Festival (November) if you are among us, you will not be with the in crowd likeother agencies.

The tourist offices provide agencies a forum or are grouped tourists of all nationality, it will not be your platform, you will be settled in a forum arranged next to that of King of Cambodia where top officials ranks are installed. This is thanks to our close ties with the royal family.

Regarding the circuits OFF THE BEATEN TRACK:

It's a buzzword that many agencies working to indiscriminately ... To realize such circuits need a real local agency that has all the tricks to make real travel off the beaten track

VIDEO 1: Ongoing road stop in a village to enjoy the KROLANN (glutinous rice cake in bamboo) VIDEO 2: A monk Furax


VIDEO 3 : Left: We shopped there and we moved to the water's edge to enjoy. Not life ??
VIDEO 4: Right: More than 12,000 views on Youtube, the Veranda with Princess Siengdy and ...

As receptive in Asia, we can arrange for your stay exceptional holidays such as: For Cambodia: Tailor-made and À la carte travel in Cambodia - Tailor-made and À la carte travel in Cambodia - The seaside stays, trek / trekking, cruises and vacation in Cambodia. And also: - Measurement Circuit handset in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. Combined trips tailor-made and à la carte to Cambodia , Vietnam, Laos. combination circuit and a la carte in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos. Combined stay of Trek / Trekking in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and cruise on the Mekong.

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