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2 persons circuit card in July 2016 Siem Reap to Phnom Penh via ethnic minorities

4 Belgians in February 2108 Grand tour à la carte including the seaside Cardamones ...
From: DE COSTER ALAIN [mailto: alaindecoster22]
Sent: Thursday, March 8, 2018 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: A hello from Asia

Hello Jean Luc Hello Kosal and all the team, the family of Khuon Tour.

Thank you again for this wonderful trip and your warm welcome to the house of Friends.

It's a little hard to find yourself in the greyness of Brussels after the Exoticism of the Tonle Sap, the dolce vita of Kampot, the mystery of Cardamom, the effervescence of Phnom Penh.

Fortunately for me, there is the prospect of a new departure to Nepal next month :-)

Good continuation.

Alain De Coster

6 people end of February 2018 circuit tour of the lake and seaside circuit of the small price range
From: Gael BECETTE [mailto: gbecette]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 2:46 AM
> To: KHUON-TOUR Jean-Luc
> Hello,
> We went back to the Var, in the rain, after a very good stay in Cambodia. We thank you for organizing and will be very happy to solicit you again on a future trip. A big thank you to our driver who was very patient with us. Regarding the accommodations, a good choice with the exception of the Classy in Battambang for the room located on the street side which was very noisy and the Bou Savy in Siem Reap with pipes that repressed foul smells in the rooms.
> Thanks again to all the team of us all
2 people in february 2018 circuit à la carte from REP to PNH in 12 days
From: Olivier ROLLAND (BPVF) [mailto: Olivier.ROLLAND]
Posted: Sunday 11 March 2018 18:45
Subject: Re: A hello from Asia

Hello everyone,
Yes, I returned to France this morning, thank you.
A beautiful journey exotic to perfection and quite successful thanks to a flawless organization and permanent availability of all guides, drivers and various stakeholders. A special thank you to Jean-Luc and the members of his family who had lunch with us during our visit to Phnom Pen. Many memories for us three. Thanks again to everyone and may be next time.
Olivier Rolland and family.
2 adults in February 2018 circuit tour of the lake in 10 days ref C10SRBATPP high-end
From: jpcrocq [mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2018 1:08 AM
Subject: Re: A hello from Asia

Hello Jean-Luc,

Here we are back in Paris.
What can you say except that we had a great trip.
The organization was perfect and the hotels very well chosen and the pace of visits.
Our guide in Siem Reap had a family problem: he had to be replaced for 2 days but the replacement guide was also very competent and friendly.
This small incident had no impact on our trip.

The lunch in your company at the beginning of the trip is a little more than we enjoyed.

We will recommend without hesitation your agency if we are asked for advice for a trip to Cambodia.

Best regards.

Jean-Pierre and Danielle.

2 parents of the agency head Dreams of Elsewhere Trips REP REP to PNH in 10 days ref C10SRBATPP
From: Anne-Sophie [mailto: anne-sophie]
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 9:39 PM
Subject: enchanted return
hello Jean Luc
my dad just returned from his asian holiday and only complimented on their stay in Angkor.
they had a big crush on their guide they found charming, very competent and funny !! it was a happiness for them and an experience too short !!
He is used to traveling in this way and I have rarely seen him and his friends packed with a guide. you can send him the message from me even if they have already told him
everything was perfect, the hotel in a very charming non tourist area, the organization, the Apsara show at the 1st lodges ...
I wanted to send you this message.
Thanks to all the team and the next client ;-)
Anne Sophie
Anne-Sophie LION
agency manager
Dreams of Elsewhere Trips
09 72 54 49 87


From: Daniel M. [mailto:]
Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 2:45 p.m.
To: KHUON-TOUR - Jean Luc <jean-luc>
Subject: Re: Travel to Cambodia Daniel Maynau


We're back after a long flight from Phnom Penh. We are really glad we made this trip and have met Nara and Pov, I would like to thank the two pictures he sent us.

Besides the friendly and sympathetic aspect of living that we have experienced, it should be noted that everything was perfectly organized, very little has been disturbed regarding the schedule, despite the vagaries of the season rain (period I am very happy to have chosen otherwise, everything is green, the rain cools ...). I loved the great moments of "free time" to wander around markets, a drink, etc ... It was not traveling at full speed. Finally, we must add an important thing, Nara knowledge of his country, culturally, historically, his mastery of French. This is pretty irreplaceable, and we really do not regret to have as a guide.



-------------------------------------------------- -------

2 Adults 3 persons circuit 5 days (Ref C05SRPK) in July 2016 Angkor

From: Annie A. [mailto: annie.aussaresses]
Posted: Friday, August 12, 2016 5:45 p.m.
To: KHUON-TOUR - Info <info>
Re: Hello from France


Are back in France after our trip to Laos and Cambodia.
Our stay with Khuon Tour was very pleasant, the days passed too quickly!
The hotel lived up to our expectations, our guide to listen to us and say that his kindness as well as our driver!
We keep excellent memories of this trip and hope one day to call on you for a future stay!
also thank you for the organization that was perfect!
To answer your question, we have had knowledge of your existence on the website of the backpacker's guide.

Best regards

sent from my Iphone
-------------------------------------------------- -------

24 group of young people 14 to 17 years accompanied by Marion Circuit from 14 to 27.07 from Siem Reap to Sihanoukville via Cardamom

Of Marion. [Mailto: marionnnettte]

Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016 6:57 p.m.

To: jean-luc

Subject: Sovatt Guide


I send you this email to send you my complete satisfaction of Sovatt guide.
I was lucky to have Sovatt during my stay with the group Telligo / cousins in July of 14/07 to 27/07.
Sovatt has perfectly fulfilled its role of guide, and even a little more.
It has adapted to the group that we formed (24 young people aged 14 to 17) plus 3 companions. All youth and chaperones enjoyed Sovatt who was able to teach them many things about Cambodia: History, beliefs, customs, daily life ...
Regarding the three attendants, we were able to create a real relationship between us. He also managed to adapt to different games that we organize for the young, it was even the investor at times certain games.

He was able to meet all our demands practical standpoint: restaurant advice, find where to do laundry, find material in order to make our games ...
I strongly advise Sovatt people who visit Cambodia.
Marion L.
-------------------------------------------------- -------

Family 2 adults 3 children Circuit 8 days from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and transfer to the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam

From: Ségolène Perona [mailto: segolenefrete]
Posted: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 2:05 p.m.
To: KHUON-TOUR - Jean Luc <jean-luc>
Subject: To: Ségolène Perona Bonjour de France

unforgettable, one of our best trips (16/08/2016)

An unforgettable family holiday with our 3 children, the youngest 3 years old ... :-) The team is top and owes much to the success of this stay. The guides and the driver spoke very good French, the vehicle is super comfortable. What a joy to browse a beautiful country in such conditions! The tours are great, adapted to the rhythm of children with activities for them that punctuate the day. Everything was done to measure, we adapted the program from day to day, and the kids loved. Too bad the bamboo rail line be removed one day a magical moment with big laughs. super ride tuk tuk in Cambodia. Many thanks again for this trip, and the friendliness of the guides that we do not forget!

Ségolène PERONA - Managing Director
(0033) 665 082 472
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French-Khmer couple with 2 children 5 days tour in Siem Reap

From: MICHEL B. [mailto: belinda.michel]
Posted: Friday, August 26, 2016 4:02
To: KHUON-TOUR - Jean Luc <jean-luc>
Subject: RE: Confirmation Transfer From: Hello Chhoeun Cambodia

Here are our comments:
We are very happy with our stay at Siem Reap, hotel very well with a very good breakfast, very good organization of the stay with no downtime, driver and perfect guide, the guide, Sophan, offered us a tour of the rich temples and also adapted to the rhythm of our children (we have not had the feeling of running to see the greatest possible temples). very interesting visit the workshops of craftsmen of Angkor (beautiful memories reported). Experience amazing Khmer massages.

Very nice discovery of the Apsara dance (even if the place of the restaurant is not very typical, but you can not have everything).

To summarize, we are absolutely satisfied with the stay that you proposed, as well as monitoring after the stay.

In addition, you have always responded to emails quickly, both in France and Cambodia.

We plan to return to Cambodia in 2-3 years, there is so much still to discover the country of birth of my husband and we already look forward to returning.
We keep your details.
Best regards
Ms. Chhoeun

I forgot the essential: "super" guide, very nice, humorous, who gave us an overview of the life of Khmer, the evolution of the country in addition to tours of the temples, and c ' is what we were making this journey of discovery of the origins of my husband. Thank you very much !! Sophan
-------------------------------------------------- -------

2 Adults + 2 Children circuit 18 days (Ref C1821i) in July 2016 around the lake and seaside

From: cathy.k. [Mailto: cathy.kapp]
Posted: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 14:27
To: The otherwise-Cambodia-JEAN-LUC <info>
Subject: RE: RE: Info From: Hello cathy.kapp Cambodia

Hello Jean-Luc,
Well, now that the suitcases are defeats and rows business, I assure you.
Thank you for all you have done for us. You have an extraordinary team: effective, available, professional and of great kindness. We must tell them and congratulate them!

Our stay was conducted in a manner consistent with what was expected, congratulations.
We have just two comments:

* One concerning King Fy Hotel: indoor pool but very cold breakfast on the terrace where it is very hot and whose team, unlike the rest of the hotel staff, has not always been concerned with his work for the breakfast ... nothing serious nonetheless.

* The other concerns the additional excursion into the Ream National Park in Sihanoukville: the ballad in the jungle deleted because there are closing on government decision, we can understand it ... but we had settled this excursion with a significant supplement to be in the company of a specialized local guide ... we have never seen is a bit unfortunate. That said, the mangrove is a place to discover. Indeed, the documents are amended (Jean Luc)

Wishing you a long continuation in your business ...
Maybe for another trip in the Southeast Asian ...
Thank you for us to say hello to Mrs. Visal, his young cousin and Mr. Vanna and M.Leak.


2 people Circuit CAMBODIA A SMALL PRICE From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh in 7 days 6 nights (Ref P07SRPKPHN) Extension 5 days Kep - Sihanoukville (Ref P05SIH) March 2016
From: Alain Perret-Gentil [mailto: alainperretgentil
Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2016 2:32 PM
To: LCA sok
Subject: Re: HELLO in Cambodia From: Alain Perret-Gentil
Hello everyone,
Our trip went very nicely with you and your excellent organization. We especially enjoyed our guide Thomas who was not only knowledgeable but very friendly. Your Guide to Phnom Phen was also very good, but we suffered too much heat to be completely available to its detailed explanations of the sites visited. All guest houses well and good outfits. We also had good contact with the young French couple in Kep. All private transporters car rickshaw OK. also thank you for your custom home in Phnom Pehn home very nice.
We recommend you willing to friends and acquaintances and may come back one of these days ?? !!
Again many thanks and best regards.
Alain and Bénédicte
-------------------------------------------------- -------
2 people Circuit CAMBODIA A SMALL PRICE Grand tour du Lac via Kratie Preah Vihear Ratanakiri & 15 days (Ref: P15R) in March 2016
From: bernard.allemandou [mailto: bernard.allemandou
Sent: Monday, March 21, 2016 1:11 PM
To: K-T info
Subject: Re: RE: RE: Travel Allemandou
a chilly hello from France: 8 °. We arrived on time at the airport. The flight went well.
We want to tell you how we were delighted that trip, the trip was very well thought out, both the old stones but also the approach of Cambodia every day. So congratulations! .The Guides were knowledgeable and very interesting. As for Poe, it was lovely thoughtful, delicate with both old we are. Only regret, it must improve its knowledge of French, to facilitate communication.Transmettez him our friendly hello. I was for me a little sad to leave the morning of 18. I predicted him a little girl, we'll see ..... I will stand at the current very cordially and congratulations to all your team
Catherine and Bernard ALLEMANDOU
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2 people Circuit CAMBODIA A SMALL PRICE From Siem Reap to Phnom Penh in 7 days 6 nights (Ref P07SRPKPHN) February 2016
----- Original Message -----
From: danparage [mailto: danparage
Sent: Saturday, February 27, 2016 1:57 PM
To: LCA info
Subject: RE: Travel Cambodia 14/20 February

Hello Jean Luc
They defeated the suitcases .... but a little hard to plunge us back into the Western reality ????
We had a great stay in line with our expectations. The whole team was top on Siem Reap (Hai) as the rest of the trip .. (Sophiap) and lunch the last day very nice. The drivers were safe.

We will certainly drag our comments on the sites mentioned ....
And next time .... Maybe

Dan Trimming
-------------------------------------------------- -------
2 people Circuit CAMBODIA A SMALL PRICE Grand tour du Lac via Kratie Preah Vihear Ratanakiri & 15 days (Ref: P15R) + Extension 3 days Sihanoukville (Ref P03SIH) February 2016
From: Gregory Perna [mailto: gregory.perna
Sent: Monday, February 29, 2016 8:19 PM
To: K-T Jean-Luc
Subject: Re: Cambodia Living Grégory and Magali

Hello Jean Luc,

We hope everything goes well for your family and your team in Cambodia.
We are returned last week and are very busy since (work, home ...). The recovery was a bit laborious but all is well!

Our remarks regarding our stay:
- Sokha (available, friendly, professional, concerned about our comfort and help us discover the most possible elements) allowed us to visit the country in the best conditions!
- Cambodia has much more to us: culture (museums, temples, pagodas), natural areas (boat rides / boat / kayak = Great times), authenticity, interaction with people, kitchen ...
- The program was comprehensive and tailored to our initial expectations, with a bonus everyday reactivity Sokha to fill our natural curiosity.

It is with nostalgia that we have looked at your DVD-miss and we sort our many pictures.
Magali has enjoyed his first trip to Asia.
We will return probably (2017 or 2018).
Our next destination will probably Burma, Laos and Japan (I already went to Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, a priori, Thailand, India and China attract us less).

Khuon Tour to thank you for all the great times!
Grégory and Magali


2 people in individual 8 days from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap via Battambang (Ref C08PPBATSR) 01.2016

From: Françoise [mailto: franauda]
Sent: Saturday, February 6, 2016 11:31 AM
To: K-T info
Subject: Re: Circuit Cambodia

Hello Jean Luc,

Our return trip to Hong Kong was fine. As against it was only 19 degrees!
We thank you again for a great trip. We enjoyed the flexibility of the organization. The friendliness of everyone and especially our driver Vannak Mr and Mrs Sophiep our guides and Toma.
You have a beautiful country whose people are welcoming and friendly.
If we return to this part of the world we will not hesitate to contact you and talk about you to our friends.
Now we are left to sort the photos !!

Françoise and Bernard Auda
3 people in individual grand tour of the lake in 13 days of our product lines 'small price' (Ref: P13TDL-KPV) 01.2016

From: g.willof [mailto:] On Behalf Of Alain millot
Sent: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 7:20 PM
Subject: Re: Contact and quote Mr Millot

Hello Jean-Luc and your team.

We are back to Paris on Thursday morning, exhausted and filled, already almost sad to see a dream 20 years to be realized now.
We wanted to thank you for this journey was almost perfect and that will leave us with wonderful memories.
The real highlight of your organization is very accurately describes service and very very close to reality.
The beautifully composed circuit has allowed us to marvel at each new temple as their quality was increasing.
Our stay at Villa V & A in Siem Riep was a delight. The hosts were wonderful: friendly, gracious, taking time to talk with everyone. The spacious, clean, quiet and impeccable conditioning. The pool and more!
The kitchen of the hotel was also excellent and a great price.
The guides all spoke French very well and each had an interesting vision of their country.
The drivers even those who speak very little French or English were all very friendly and helpful this matter Try to Phom Penh to Siem Riep, "widget" to Siem Riep or Vannak Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.
Alain, Catherine and Corinne

2 people in individual grand tour of the lake and 15 days Ratanakiri range 'small price' (Ref: P15R) 01.2016

From: br.gutierrez [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, February 8, 2016 4:16 AM
To: K-T Jean-Luc
Subject: Re: Circuit 15 days + seaside tower with Khuon LCAPP

Hello Jean Luc and Simeth,
We are very satisfied with this trip out of your beautiful country, and for your hospitality and your kindness. Thank you to Simeth for his competence and generosity.
It is also an awareness of the damage of deforestation, pollution linked to plastic. COP 21 is a vital necessity.
Our good memory to Simeth.


3 PEOPLE: small group tour to Cambodia in January 2016 C12MGI

From: [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 8:28 PM
To: K-T Jean-Luc
Subject: Re: RE: Hello stay in Cambodia Cambodia
Importance: High

Hello Jean Luc

Thank you for this exceptional stay
Back in Reunion (no thermal shock), I could not fail to give my opinion on the twelve-day tour that you had concocted.
On the circuit itself, we found it very well thought out (as you say off the beaten track) and despite it devoted little time (it always passes too quickly) he nevertheless allowed us to approach the landscape , history and the Cambodian people. Perhaps the stage Sihnoukville she seemed a little more conventional, but it has allowed us to discover a small island not yet overrun by tourists. Note 10/10
It is clear that you really thought of everything, including a delicious meal with you in a typical restaurant where you have demonstrated the qualities which unfortunately are lost with mass tourism is zero defects. Note 10/10
The guides (Sopheap, and Proen Sovath) are like you, they think of everything and especially the welfare of their customers (French flawless, perfect outfit, listening to our every wish, undeniable culture, not failing to humor, and especially extreme kindness). That must be it mind Khuon Tour. Note 10/10
The drivers, which I did not catch the names, undoubtedly are virtuosos of traffic in extreme conditions (the traffic laws and signs appear to fall within the story) while being not stressed and always attentive to our comfort. Note 10/10
Hotels, the results could have been perfect, if not for some fabulous (La Veranda, both Pavilions, Villa Langka) if it had had the stage where Sinahoukville Villa Nataya was a bit disappointed, its only interest is to be located next to the beach. The cleanliness leaves something to be desired (dirt around taps and butt on the ground despite the ban on smoking in rooms). Note 9/10.
An overall balance I rehausserais 5/5
I do not know if we will return to Cambodia soon, but what is certain is that I will recommend your agency to friends.

Faivre Martine, Bernard and Alexis AUDOUIN


1 single lady: Combined Circuit 15 days Laos & Cambodia in December 2015

From: Albert Plumier <>
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 6:29 PM
To: K-T info
Subject: Re: Anne Marie Baccus
Hello Khuon Tour!
I just arrived at Phnom Penh Airport.
Thank you again for organizing this extraordinary journey.
Your trip to Laos was great also.
I wish you and your family and your team the best for 2016.
And who knows? Maybe soon for more adventures ...

Anne Marie Baccus


Circuit 21 days with great tour of Cambodia Ratanakiri Nov.2015


From: daniel [mailto:


Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 10:01 PM


Subject: Hello from France




I want to thank the director Jean Luc Nara as well as our guides Sam and Grace Vanac the driver in you we conducted a full and wonderful journey of discovery.

If we return to Cambodia it is with pleasure that I would call to your agency.

Again thank you for all

Daniel Chanthou, Hélène and Jean Marc


Circuit Group 10 pers 17 days with Ratanakiri Nov.2015


From: pierremermoud [ mailto:

Sent: Friday, November 27, 2015 9:04 PM


Subject: RE: Back


Hello Khuon around the team.


On behalf of all my friends in the group that I express our total satisfaction with the trip we just completed. We can consider that this is a no-fault (welcome, transfers, quality and program execution, quality hotels, comfortable bus ......)

A special mention for Leak Nuth our guide who showed great professionalism while transmitting us his love of life and his love for his country.

+ Another mention for the quality of the cruise on the Phocea, very interesting and the fabulous meal offered.

Again thank you to all

On behalf of the entire group

Pierre Mermoud

-------------------------------------------------- -----

2 pers 12 days circuit around the lake in November 2015


From: Yves NOIRET [ mailto:

> To: KHUON-TOUR info

> Subject: travel


Hello Jean-Luc


We are back in the Var after a trip without problems.

A small heat shock on arrival ... it was 2 degrees on landing at Roissy this morning and 7 degrees in Bormes!

We were very happy to travel notes. Congratulations on your selection of hotels .... they were all very pleasant with a particular favorite for the Battambang Resort is really a dream place.

Many fun and interesting experiences throughout the circuit.

It was in any case a very good trip and a great organization with drivers and guides a remarkable punctuality and firendliness.

We will certainly recommend to our friends.


It was a great pleasure to meet you and your wife.

With our best memory.


Yves and Catherin



Circuit 24 days combined individual 9 days 15 days in Vietnam to Cambodia from 10.10.15 to 05.11.2015

From: Jean Pierre Le Bihan
> Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 12:58 AM
> To: KHUON-TOUR info

Hello Jean-Luc,
We keep great memories of North Vietnam and unexpected encounters made during our homestays: unforgettable! It is the same for Cambodia, in different relief, smiling people, engaging and an extremely warm welcome.
As for the circuit, the organization was perfect, SOKHA attentive, very professional, excellent driver which we could grant full trust; we had understood very quickly.
Nevertheless, both geographical and human discoveries and testimony of the recent past have gone beyond our expectations.
We would have the opportunity to talk especially if Carine comes to Reunion. But these days, we are preparing our next trip to Brazil, Argentina and the coasts of the Mediterranean. We start very soon and will be back in January.
Our best memory to your family.
Cordially. Odile and Jean Pierre


A = @



From : Jean-François Faye

Sent: monday 4 mai 2015 01:41

Note : 5 / 5


15 days combined individual Cambodia-Vietnam tour with High-end 5 *

Hello Sok

We are back in Paris and we found a temperature of 10 degrees, an eyesore. The flight went well - although a little long. We keep excellent memories of our trip to Cambodia, we discovered an extraordinary and captivating country. A big thank you to Simeth for his professionalism and kindness. transfer in Vietnam went well, the company staff was very friendly, the comfort of the boat was average (very small). Sincerely.

Jean François and Colette


From : []
Sent: jeudi 9 avril 2015 13:45

Note : 5 / 5


Program of 10 days in individual around the lake Ref: Ref: C10PPBATSRPP


Sorry I did write to you now, I hope all is well with you and your lovely family? Our return trip went well, though it seemed much longer than the go ... Regarding our stay, I wanted to thank you for your perfect organization and safe. The welcome meal was particularly friendly. On the trip itself, nothing negative to highlight the program is monitored, modified and adapted to our pace without problems, it's very nice. The tour is all very interesting (only downside to the boat ride on the river in Phnom Penh not necessary in my opinion). Our guides were great, each in their style, Sokha is very joyful and kind, and especially competent with stories about all interesting, we shared the true moments of very pleasant complicity (Please tell him again a big thank you from us). Preung is more reserved at first contact but also is very knowledgeable and extremely kind, and his knowledge of the temples is impressive. The drivers are friendly too. In short, a very nice trip, beautiful landscapes, lovely people, that's good;) Thanks again, Guillaume : attached pictures to our guides

From : []
Envoyé : jeudi 9 avril 2015 13:45

Note : 5 / 5


Circuit de 10 jours en individuel tour du lac Réf : Réf : C10PPBATSRPP


Désolé de ne vous écrire que maintenant, j'espère que tout va bien pour vous et votre jolie famille? Notre voyage retour c'est bien passé, même si il nous a semblé bien plus long que l'aller... Concernant notre séjour, je tenais à vous remercier pour votre organisation sans faille et sécurisante. Le repas d’accueil était particulièrement sympathique. Sur le voyage à proprement parler, rien de négatif à ressortir, le programme est suivis mais on peux le modifier et l'adapter à notre rythme sans problèmes, c'est très agréable. Les visites sont toutes très intéressantes (seul petit bémol à la promenade en bateau sur le fleuve à Phnom Penh pas indispensable à mon avis). Nos guides étaient géniaux, chacun dans leur style, Sokha est très jovial et gentil, et surtout compétent avec des histoires sur tout très intéressantes, nous avons partagés des vrais moments de complicité très agréables (dite lui encore un gros merci de notre part). Preung est plus réservé au premier contact mais est également très compétent et d'une gentillesse extrême, et sa connaissance des temples est impressionnante. Les chauffeurs sont sympathiques également. Bref, un très beau voyage, des paysages magnifiques, des gens adorables, que du bon ;) Merci encore, A bientôt Guillaume PS:ci-joint des photos pour nos guides



Sent: mardi 24 mars 2015 23:12
Objet : RE: Mme Dufournet/B3 Bonjour


Note : 4.5 / 5


Circuit of 15 days in individual Ref: C15TDL


Hello Sok and Kosal,

We are back Sunday morning under gray and freshness ... 2 ° Tuesday morning, little more than 9 ° this afternoon, and the rain is invited I do not deny that we would have spent a few days more in Cambodia. Pinching the heart also leave Vannak, Leak and with whom we spent a great 15 days; still thank you to them for their availability and their kindness. We shared great moments with Leak; it is a lovely boy, very knowledgeable, humorous, and he speaks wonderfully French! Kry, the guide we had for a few days in Siem Reap, was great too. Good luck to all

Florence and cordially Pascal



From : Yvon Hamet
Sent: samedi 28 février 2015 16:57

Note : 5 / 5


Circuit de 11 jours en individuel Réf : Tour du lac à la carte


Bonjour tout le monde,
Nous avons été tout a fait satisfait de la gentillesse et du professionnalisme de notre guide et de son chauffeur. Ils ont su nous faire goûter et partager leur pays autant sur la partie culinaire que le côté humain. Sûr nous reviendrons au Cambodge et nous ne manquerons pas de recommander votre société autour de nous. Merci encore à tous pour votre excellent accueil. Bien cordialement.

Circuit of 11 days in individual Ref: Lake Tour map

Hello everyone,

We were quite pleased with the friendliness and professionalism of our guide and driver. They knew how to make us enjoy and share their country as much on food as part of the human side. Sure we will come back to Cambodia and we will certainly recommend your society around us. Again thank you all for your excellent hospitality. Cordially.



From : Emmanuel Leroy []
Sent: dimanche 22 février 2015 21:40
Objet : Re: Bonjour du Cambodge Mr Emmanuel Leroy

Note : 5 / 5


Circuit of 21 days in individual Ref: C2115I



Travel a bit long but not too painful, Eva Air is an excellent company. We return enchanted by this beautiful program. We congratulate you on the quality of the organization, the quality of accommodation and also the professionalism of the staff. Our guides, Sovatt, Chamroeun and Nara knew with extreme kindness and in perfect French to share the indigenous daily. Our driver, Slim has managed masterfully mad movement of cities and give us a feeling of complete security. We emphasize his perfect attire (shirt superb every day), and the care he began to offer us a perfect car all day. It seems important to visit the border areas in the east to see the races; we fear that soon all this disappears after mad deforestation and these huge rubber plantations. Do not forget to tell the future traveler to bring some gifts, medicines, soaps etc during the meeting of ethnic groups. It is possible that one day we returned at the end of the rainy season to see the contrast with the dry season. Thank Khuon turn allowing us to discover this country in exceptional conditions.

Emmanuel friendly

Circuit de 21 jours en individuel Réf : C2115I

voyage un peu long mais pas trop pénible, Eva air est une excellente compagnie. Nous revenons enchantés par ce superbe circuit. Nous tenons à vous féliciter pour la qualité de l'organisation, la qualité aussi de l'hébergement et le professionnalisme du personnel. Nos guides,Sovatt, Chamroeun et Nara ont su avec une extrême gentillesse et dans un français parfait nous faire partager le quotidien des autochtones. Notre chauffeur, Slim a su gérer avec maestria la folle circulation des villes et nous donner un sentiment de parfaite sécurité. Nous tenons à souligner sa tenue vestimentaire parfaite(superbe chemise tous les jours), ainsi que le soin qu'il mettait à nous proposer un véhicule impeccable tous jours. Il nous semble important de visiter les zones frontières de l'est pour y voir les ethnies, nous craignons que bientôt tout cela disparaisse suite à la folle déforestation et ces immenses plantations d'hévéas. Ne pas oublier de dire aux futurs voyageur d'amener quelques cadeaux, médicaments,savons etc lors de la rencontre des ethnies. Il est possible que nous revenions un jour en fin de saison des pluies pour voir le contraste avec la saison sèche. Nous remercions Khuon tour de nous avoir permis de découvrir ce pays dans des conditions exceptionnelles.
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From : Hug et Guy Gossez []
Sent: vendredi 13 février 2015 20:38
Objet : Circuit Laos et Cambodge

Note : 5 / 5


Combined Laos Cambodia in 22 days to the card



Our return trip was a little long, from the hotel to city Shianouk February 9 at 9 am (3h paris time) and arrived home on February 10 at 7 am (13 hours from Cambodia), but without encumber. The stay was consistent with our expectations, and very competent and pleasant guides, cautious drivers. Laos and Cambodia have enchanted us and we definitely will come back next time by using your services.

Thank you Best regards,

Guy, Huguette, Lysiane and Jean Claude



From : Gerard Viu []
Sent: jeudi 12 février 2015 22:54
Cc : Simeth Koy
Objet : nos impressions R & G VIU

Note : 4.5 / 5

Cambodia : Around the Lake & Beach in 19 days à la carte


Hello to all the team,

A few words about our trip to Cambodia. Bravo for your responsiveness when developing the program, with the usage of French language, and ease of contact you by phone Skype etc ... The website is operational, well illustrated by the many links. The possibility of not paying anything in advance attests to the confidence you have placed the customer. Thank you for the nice meal during our contact, which puts us in the mood. If the price paid seems a little high compared to other Asian countries, I must admit that it is justified in part by the services, guide (the best Mr. Simeth), vehicle, hotel quality, choice of route. The boats were spacious and especially no problem waiting to piers; only downside (which was not a problem) rusticity up / down on board that is not your direct responsibility. A feast boat outing with some fishing and cooking our "abundant" fishing with his cousin abundant and typical meal. All visits have been adapted to our taste and our schedules and vice versa. All this largely due to the availability and effectiveness of Simeth with which we expect to continue a lasting relationship. He loves and works for what we love Cambodia. What about hotels All hotels with no real problem in general; very courteous staff, Care, hearty breakfast, clean bedding and quality. We spent three unforgettable weeks and can only advise on what trip organized by the KHUON team and I never will repeat it enough: more than Simeth professional.


Best regards

Gérard & Reine Viu


From : malou []
Envoyé : mercredi 18 janvier 2015 02:48
Sent: : KHUON-TOUR info
Objet : Un bonsoir,

Note : 5 / 5

Lambesc, where we were greeted by cool space ....

this little note to say how pleased we were to do this trip, and for us. We actually left a review on TripAdvisor, which is only a reflection of the truth. Sincerely Guy et Malou Malou signed commentary TripAdvisor B:

A trip to Cambodia? A program to establish? Do not hesitate, go through Khuon tour. Jean Luc will meet all your wishes and will make available to its competent and caring staff. (Special mentions for Sovath and knowledge in tropical flora, Bunny, always smiling driver, and the young but very professional guide Monysela) The Maisons d’Amis, could be called differently ... A tranquil break in the middle lush vegetation. Do not forget to taste the "A Mok" Dany, best of all Cambodia. Go there once is to want to go back ...


From : Pascale Brackeniers []
Sent: dimanche 28 janvier 2015 00:21
Objet : RE: : Pascale Brackeniers Bonjour du Cambodge

Note : 5 / 5

Hello Kosal,


Thank you for your email!

We made a great return trip, although very long. In Brussels, it is 1° but the sky is blue and it was very nice to walk off this morning with a good jacket to enjoy the beautiful light.


As I have had occasion to say to Jean-Luc and Leak, we were delighted with our trip that was informative, fun and relaxing. We return in great shape, happy to have found a beautiful country whose people are really lovely. We also tested all sorts of tasty treats and means of transport that put spice up the trip: air-conditioned car, tuk tuk, bike (without brake Emoji), canoe, small and large boats, buses, cart pulled by a pony , bamboo train, without forgetting our own two feet who have walked a lot some days to our delight.

The cruise on the Mekong with Jayarvaman boat was delicious, a great experience also.


A small special thank you for each:

Jean-Luc: what a great organization and what quality of welcome in your house of friends, not forgetting the little rum of Reunion!

Kosal: thank you for the efficiency and speed of your follow up from the first contact, we feel your unique customer

Visal: thank you for our hyper busy early breakfast the day we left, it made us very happy

Leak: thank you for giving us accompanied with a smile and a good constant mood, thank you for all your attentions, for tasty local restaurants, the stories about the life of the country and its people, thank you for your patience and your ability adaptation to your customers and all the tips and tricks you found to resolve any hiccups or to meet our little whim of the moment Emoji. And what joy your little queue is born precisely during the few days you gave way to Retypo to visit the temples of Angkor. We will not forget discussions about Emoji caesarean. And if sometimes we are surprised each other because our ways of living are not the same, it's just a detail compared to our delight!

Retypo: what fun we had to listen to your detailed explanations of all the temples of Angkor and trotting with you on the trails connecting a temple to another because we had told you that we love to walk. We keep a very fun evening remember where we were going to see the sunset on top of a hill where you told us quietly trying to back the hordes of Chinese and other tourists before us: your two customers have the walkers turbo and surpassed everyone on the run and you found us a peaceful place to enjoy the beautiful sunset light. Sporting Retypo Emoji!

Soka always a little story to tell, always ready to bring us to the left and right and to supply us water bottles and even lent me his jacket so I could meet the decency rules required for mounting see sunset over Angkor. We were very sad that your dad passed away and admired your discretion since you told us nothing for several days not to spoil our trip.

Our driver in Ratanakiri: the Zorro of the jeep, the ace driver who spun on the tracks by playing holes and daring crossing his path, thank you for your smile!

Our anonymous driver for the last part of the trip: always smiling and the little attention we offer refreshing towels and bottled water back from our trips

Also thank you to the lovely lady that stewardship to the Maisons d’Amis with a smile and unparalleled kindness!


Keep going, and next time maybe!


Pascale and Pierre Frederick Brackeniers

From : Nathalie Jacquart []
Sent: mardi 6 janvier 2015 02:00
Objet : Re: Bonjour du Cambodge

Note : 5 / 5

Circuit of 10 days in individual around the lake Ref: Ref: C10PPBATSRPP

Hello Jean Luc, We took off from Phnom Penh with an hour late but nothing dramatic though since our turnaround time in Taipei was sufficient to absorb this little contretemps. However, we arrived in Paris did us the effect of a cold shower as the bad weather as by the attitude of our compatriots ... we get used very quickly to the kindness and the smiles and the beautiful time ! We have no specific observations as even a little embarrassing episode at Cambodian Resort is not a bad memory. Nevertheless, through you, we could discover a facet of Cambodia and with confidence for a first approach of a country with such a history, such wealth is fabulous ... and you're right we will return! So thank you for your professionalism and your warm welcome. Another big thank you to Pao, to Nutleak, Tomas and Sowath that greatly contributed to the success of our stay. A special thought for your charming colleague who took care of us at dinner, at breakfast and ensured that at home, we are here. What else to tell you if it is soon to continue discovering this country so welcoming.

Sincerely, Nathalie & Lea

From : Bellevue Le Rocheray SA []
Sent: samedi 10 janvier 2015 19:33
Objet : RE: : Daniel Leuenberger Bonjour d'asie



Note : 4.5 / 5

Circuit of 15 days in individual Ref: C15TDL

Hello Jean-Luc,

Our return went very well.

I wanted to congratulate your organization and the ORIGINAL VIETNAM throughout our stay.

We were pleasantly surprised with your gift waiting in our cabin on the junk in Halong Bay.

We enjoyed the program you have set up all along this circuit.

The selected restaurants have been of great culinary quality. Advice I would suggest: reduce the amount of lunch. They were indeed all too plentiful and as we appreciated their quality, we let ourselves be carried away by greed and have eaten a little too .

The hotels also have been well chosen. We have just enjoyed a room a little more spacious for the last 4 days in Saigon.

Also a huge thank you to the guides and drivers who accompanied us: they have always been on time, available and very friendly. Of course, we thanked our way.

We think back end of 2015 family 8 people for a tour LAOS - CAMBOGE - VIETNAM.

Reiterating my thanks for this wonderful tour that will leave us with endless memories and hope to enlist your services I convey my best posts SWITZERLAND.

Daniel Leuenberger

Bellevue Le Rocheray SA

Hôtel***-Restaurant Leuenberger Dalila & Daniel Tél. +41 (0)21 845 57 20

Le Rocheray 23 -1347 Le Sentier Vallée de Joux – Suisse Fax +41 (0)21 845 47 20

From : Sophanie EM []
Sent: vendredi 9 janvier 2015 01:39
Objet : RE: Voyage Bonjour du Cambodge

Note : 5 / 5

Hello Sok,

Firstly, all the best of health and happiness for the New Year to your family and to Sokha, Nara, Toma and Leak. Our return went well. I sent an email to Sokha told him that we were well arrived on his Facebook account, but he has perhaps not seen. Sokha, Nara, Toma and Leak were really great to us. We learned a lot with them. They are beautiful people who love their country and showed us all the beautiful things offered Cambodia. We are really pleased to have been able to make their knowledge and have had some good times together. We enjoyed being able to know my country. We returned to France with a head full of memories. The car rides were long but it was worth it. The hotels were ok and friendly staff. Apparently the hotel in Siem Riep Kiri Boutique face recently on your list. It really has been welcomed in this hotel. The manager of the hotel in Banlung was great too. However, the cleanness at Asia Palace is poor. The room reeked of cigarette, I had the misfortune to draw the furniture, there were cigarette butts and the ashtray was not cleaned. It is on that it was not great but we were near the market. It is certain that we will return one day in Cambodia but when is the question ... In any case, thank you to your team for making this trip a memorable one and for allowing me to discover the land of my ancestors, where I come from.



From : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. []
Sent: dimanche 4 janvier 2015 02:01
À : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Objet : merci et bonne année

Note :5 / 5

Hello everyone

We came back from Cambodia on December 12 and we were part of the group of Philippe Guigue. This message to present you our best wishes for 2015 .Wish this year for you be full of happiness and satisfaction as well as your team. We also wanted to thank you for the journey you have prepared us. Everything was absolutely perfect; We travel often but we never had anywhere else such a home with as much kindness and availability .The program was well balanced, never a dull moment but always time to do things and see what we interested. The hotels are well; Special mention at the Auberge Mont Royal !!! And Chhun !! We could not have found a better guide: always pleasant, available, effective. He spoiled us, made us had a wonderful trip and we felt we were leaving a friend starting .merci to him and also to our driver "Rom" fine too. We'll talk about you if some of our friends want to visit your beautiful country.

Again thank you and best regards to all and Jo Nadie Saunier<!-- [if gte mso 9]>

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